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The Pennefather Complex offers a wide range of choice for our shoppers with Memory Hold-the-Door Bookshop, Golden Nuggets Sweetshop & Collectibles, Clothing Boutique, and The Tea Gallery.

Memory Hold-the-Door Bookshop

Memory Hold-The-Door antiquarian and second-hand bookshop is no ordinary shop. Renowned for their extra-ordinary selection of Africana and other historical literature it also caters for the everyday readers who just want to lose themselves in a good read. Memory Hold-The-Door antiquarian and second-hand bookshop boasts a name full of history. Named after John Buchan’s autobiography “Memory Hold-The-Door”, the Scottish born British writer was the first person to have elaborated on the beauty of the Haenertsburg and Magoebaskloof areas in his books. His first novel “Prester John” was set in this area. The wonderful bookshop will have you seated in front of the fireplace — sipping on a warm cup of coffee. Fall through the looking glass and get lost exploring our enormous library of antiquarian books, collectible books, fiction, and non-fiction.

Golden Nuggets Sweetshop & Collectibles

Situated within the bookshop, you will find Dutch sweets and treats, homemade and old-fashioned sweets & treats, gifts, and antiques & collectibles. A perfect stop to find a special and unique gift. Along with imported products, we support South African industries to bring some of the best homemade treats. You will also find the perfect artwork or Persian rug to compliment your home. Come browse and be taken back to days gone by.

Clothing Boutique

Unique and colourful handmade leather shoes and sandals, natural fabric clothing, Sterling Silver and costume jewellery and accessories is to be found in Clothing Boutique. This eclectic and interesting shop will entice you to stay and browse for that proverbial piece of gold. High-quality and unique goods are sourced locally and from around the world — offering an ever-changing selection of natural fabric clothes, handcrafted leather shoes, headwear, scarves, jewellery, and gifts.

Tea Gallery

Our newly opened Tea Gallery is nestled in between the bookshop and the clothing boutique, in which you will find specialty teas, teapots, tea making paraphernalia, original South African paintings and signed and numbered art prints.

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